The Bely Island is located in the Kara Sea. It is separated from Yamal Peninsula by the Malygin Strait.
The area of the island is approximately 1,900 sq km. It is on the list of the twenty largest islands in the Russian Federation, taking the nineteenth place.
The surface is covered with tundra vegetation. The island has many thermokarst spots. The climate of the Bely Island is subarctic. It is characterized by long and cold winters, and summer is short and cool here. Even during a warm season, the temperature rarely exceeds +10 degrees Celsius, and in winter it may drop to -60.
The Bely Island in the Kara Sea has a poor flora and fauna. However, some species are of particular interest. For example, the Polar bear and the Atlantic walrus. These representatives of the Polar world are registered in the Red List. Besides that, the yellow-billed loon can be found on Bely island too, but quite rarely. One should also mention the tundra swan nesting here only in the most favorable years when there is enough food.
Since 1933, Polar Meteorological Station named after M.V. Popov has been operating here.
There is no permanent population on the island.