«Land of Hope»

Land of Hope is an Orthodox nomadic school. It is one of the best in Yamal.
The settlement "Land of Hope" is located in the area of the lake Khoromdo and two mountain ranges of the Polar Urals. A temple of Saint Michael the Archangel, the only one in the Polar Urals, and an ethnographic museum have been built here.

It is possible to get to the summer camp "Land of Hope" only by helicopter or all-terrain vehicle, which by no means prevents its inhabitants – young tundra people and teachers – from living joyfully and happily, in harmony with themselves and the world around them.
Not only school students from Laborovaya settlement participate in the camp, but also children of different ages from other areas of Yamal, among them there are many orphans, disadvantaged children, children of parents deprived of parental rights. Many of them need not only training, but also consolation, adjustment of their moral and spiritual values, revival of hope.

This camp has an important social mission to preserve traditional culture of the indigenous population by wandering around reindeer herds of Yamal Peninsula.
A well-known Nenets writer, an educator and an innovator

Anna Pavlovna Nerkagi

started this camp and has always been its head-teacher.